How to Make Metal Stick Without Welding

Col Forbin

Welding is the most common method to bond metals together. However, there are times when welding is not reasonable, possible or cost effective. If you need to make two pieces of metal stick to one another but cannot weld them, you can use epoxy glue.

Epoxy can be useful in metal craftwork.

Much stronger than craft or wood glue, eposy is a special glue that comes in two parts that must be mixed together. When mixed properly, these parts create a strong chemical bond that can make metal stick.


Epoxy will dry more slowly in a cold environment.

  1. Place a plastic mixing surface on your work area. The plastic top from a coffee can or a plastic cutting board will work.

  2. Squeeze equal amounts of each part of the epoxy glue onto the mixing surface. Mix the parts together thoroughly with a popsicle stick. Make sure the two parts are blended entirely for the most effective use.

  3. Apply the epoxy mix to both sides of the metal parts that you wish to stick together. Press the two objects together and let them sit while the epoxy dries. Do not take a break between mixing and applying the epoxy, as some epoxy can dry in as quickly as five minutes.