Directions for How to Use Goop

Mary Ylisela

Amazing Goop -- known as Goop, for short -- is a family of single-component adhesives. While All-Purpose Goop is suitable for a wide variety of repair or hobby projects, the manufacturer also provides special purpose adhesives for household, lawn and garden, marine, craft, plumbing, woodwork and automotive use.

Children can safely use craft adhesives under adult supervision.

As is the case when any strong adhesive is used, it's important to understand the proper use of Goop so it works effectively and safely.


Open windows for ventilation when using Goop. Always clean the threads of the tube so the cap doesn't stick to the tube. Use acetone and a clean cloth to remove excess Goop. Wipe a small amount of petroleum jelly onto the threads to make it easy to remove the cap.


Wear protective eye wear and gloves to keep Goop from the eyes and skin.

  1. Clean, then sand the surfaces to be bonded together. Slightly rough or textured surfaces produce the best results. Wipe off any dust produced during sanding with a clean, dry cloth.

  2. Squeeze a small amount of Goop out of the tube directly onto the surfaces to be glued together. Spread the glue around so it covers each surface evenly and thoroughly. Before joining the two surfaces together, set a timer and let the glue sit for a few minutes so the Goop can cure.

  3. Press the two surfaces together, positioning them exactly as you'd like them attached. Goop bonds almost instantly, so once the surfaces are stuck together it will be nearly impossible to separate and reposition them. Hold the two surfaces together for one minute to make sure they are in full contact with each other.

  4. Allow the surfaces to bond for a minimum of 24 hours. Some surfaces need up to 72 hours to cure, depending upon temperature, humidity and the materials themselves. Refer to the instructions for the particular type of Goop being used.

  5. Trim off any excess Goop from edges using a box cutter knife. Soak a clean cloth in acetone and use the solvent to wipe off remaining excess Goop.