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How to Use an Epoxy Glue to Create a Watertight Seal

Kimberly Alston

Epoxy glue is a strong waterproof adhesive. It can bond most woods, glass or even metal together. All surfaces must be correctly prepared and given time to fully dry. Epoxy comes in paste or liquid form. The liquid form often works best for small projects and repairs since less glue is needed. The paste works best for larger repairs and projects because these tasks usually require a larger surface area to be adhered to. In most cases epoxy will form a water tight seal between to objects.

Creating a Seal

  1. Prepare the surfaces to be glued by wiping with a dry cloth. If the surface is soiled, clean with a wet cloth and allow to fully dry before moving on.

  2. Place an old towel under the item to be glued if possible. This is best done in an open, well-ventilated area such as a garage.

  3. Select an epoxy for your project. Use either liquid or paste epoxy according to your preferences. Wearing gloves prepare the epoxy following label directions. These directions usually only require mixing the epoxy by shaking the container of liquid or stirring the container of paste using a paint stick.

  4. Apply the epoxy to the joints or surfaces to be bonded. This step should be done immediately after preparing the epoxy so that it will not harden in its open container. Be sure to fully cover the area that is to be bonded.

  5. Use firm pressure to adhere the joints or surfaces together. You may need to hold the joints or surfaces together using clamps which will keep them together while the epoxy dries. Moisten the cloth and use it to remove any excess glue.

  6. Allow the epoxy to dry according to label directions. Do not move the project while it is drying or you can break the seal.