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How to Glue Delrin to Steel

Erin Watson-Price

Delrin is an acetal resin developed by Dupont. Unlike other plastic products, Delrin's superior fatigue resistance and strength makes it ideal for many home and industrial applications. Delrin can be dyed any color and used as a decorative and durable covering over steel or other metal surfaces. Because Delrin is a smooth plastic, it must be prepared to accept an adhesive before applying it to a surface. Dupont specifically recommends using epoxy glue when gluing Delrin.

Wear a mask when sanding the Delrin to protect yourself from the dust.
  1. Lay the Delrin on a work surface with the side you want to glue facing up.

  2. Use 280-grit sandpaper and sand at a 45-degree angle left-to-right across the entire surface of the Delrin. Do not work to create a smooth surface. The goal is to scar the Delrin.

  3. Repeat the sanding procedure, this time from right-to-left across entire surface of the Delrin. This will create a cross hatched pattern and allow the glue to bond with the Delrin.

  4. Use a shop-vac with a bristle attachment to vacuum the surface of the Delrin and remove any debris. The cleaner the surface, the better the glue will adhere.

  5. Coat the Delrin with a thick layer of epoxy, mounding the glue in order to fill all the grooves when you press it onto the steel.

  6. Press the Delrin to the steel and secure with clamps if possible.

  7. Allow the epoxy to cure according to the manufactures directions.