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How to Remove Glue From Paint

Safely removing glue from a painted surface can be an intimidating task. The wrong amount of pressure, harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning supplies can easily damage the paint. Glue can form a bond strong enough to chip or tarnish paint during an attempt to forcibly remove it, so certain precautions must be taken. Fortunately, there are household cleaning products available that can easily lift the glue from a painted surface without harming it.

  1. Purchase a multipurpose stain remover such as Goo Gone, GoofOff or Un-Du from a home improvement retailer. These cleaning products act as solvents that safely dissolve gum, grease, tar, adhesives and other sticky residue from almost any surface, including those that are painted.

  2. Make sure your workspace is well-ventilated before handling the chemical cleaner. Spray the product directly onto the affected area or apply it with a rag, depending on the instructions on the label.

  3. Allow the solvent to settle into the glue for the instructed length of time before wiping it away. Some brands take effect immediately and work quickly to soften the glue.

  4. Use a cleaning cloth or microfiber towel to gently loosen the residue from the painted surface. Continue to apply the product as necessary until the excess film has been completely lifted.