The Average Cost of a Waterguard Basement Waterproofing System

Lucy Friend

Waterguard is a registered trademark for the engineering of a basement waterproofing system. The Waterguard system uses drain pipes installed around the perimeter of the basement, which is then covered with concrete. The system drains into a sump pump or other exterior drain, keeping the basement dry.

The design allows water to enter through the top and sides of the drain through small holes, which doesn’t allow dirt and other debris in the drain.

The Waterguard System

The Waterguard system is owned by Basement Systems. Only authorized contractors can install a Waterguard system, which will increase the price compared to standard basement drainage systems. The drainage system isn’t available for purchase for self-installation.


Although the Waterguard system is trademarked, other systems may provide similar results. Contact other contractors that install waterproofing systems to obtain estimates. Ensure you receive a detailed estimate with all costs including equipment, supplies and labor involved to do the work.

Work Involved

Waterproofing a basement typically includes digging a trench around the interior or exterior walls, regrading systems to improve drainage and installing a sump pump to remove the water from the basement. In most cases, the system will keep the basement free of water, even during heavy rains or if the surrounding ground is heavily saturated.

General Costs

Waterproofing the interior generally costs between $60 and $90 per linear foot. Exterior systems generally cost between $85 and $100 per linear foot. Installing a sump pump and drain tile starts at $1,600. Improving or regrading the swale on the exterior of the home ranges from $450 and $750 per side. Overall costs can start at $5,000 to successfully waterproof a basement.