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How to Get Sand Out of a Toilet Bowl

Daniella Lauren

If you notice sand in the toilet bowl, it could be due to sand in clothing, or it could indicate a problem with your pipes. Removing sand from the bowl is a relatively simple process with the help of a wet/dry vacuum, which works with both wet and dry messes.

Recurring sand will require you to check for sand buildup in the tank. If the problem persists, arrange for a plumber to check your pipes and permanently correct this problem.

  1. Clean the toilet tank with a scrubber and toilet cleaner, following manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Turn off the water to the toilet. Twist the handle on the water valve extending from the wall beneath the toilet until the water stops.

  3. Flush the toilet to remove water from the tank and bowl. Hold down on the handle until the tank is empty and the water inside the bowl goes down the drain.

  4. Vacuum the bowl with a wet/dry vacuum to remove the sand and any remaining water. Wipe the bowl with a towel to remove the last bits of the sand the vacuum might have missed.

  5. Twist the water valve to allow water back into the toilet tank and bowl. Allow it to fill as normal, and then replace the lid.

  6. Discard the sandy water outside.