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How to Remove Play-Doh From Furniture

Stephanie Daniels

Since being invented in 1956, Play-Doh, a new variety of modeling clay, has been a part of playtime for children across the United States. Still a popular toy, Play-Doh is a substance both loved and hated by parents.

While parents relish the chance to share one of their own childhood toys with their children and even to play with the substance again, they also loathe having to later remove the Play-Doh from carpets, clothing and furniture when playtime gets out of control.

  1. Allow the Play-Doh to dry onto the furniture overnight. Though this may not seem like an ideal method to use to remove the substance, the doughy mixture will actually smear if you attempt to remove it while it is still wet.

  2. Use a butter knife or stiff bristled brush to scrape or rub the dried Play-Doh off of the furniture piece. Do not apply a lot of pressure, as you do not want to fray or ruin the fabric on your furniture. The Play-Doh should fall off in little balls.

  3. Vacuum the scraped off Play-Doh remnants instead of attempting to brush them off the furniture and onto the floor; this will ensure you get the Play-Doh completely off your furniture and prevent it from getting on your clothing.

  4. Mix a pea-size amount of soap into a bowl with a cup of cold water. Dip the wash rag into the soapy water and dab the wet rag onto the remaining Play-Doh to lift any stains the Play-Doh left behind. Keep blotting with the wet wash rag until you have removed all or most of the stain.

  5. Apply fabric stain remover to the wet spot on the furniture and continue to blot the furniture with the wet rag to remove the remnants of Play-Doh and any stains left behind by dyes in the Play-Doh.


Prevent Play-Doh messes and stains by monitoring Play-Doh use and allowing children to play with the substance only in non-carpeted rooms and away from fabric-covered furniture.