How to Use Sage for Cleansing Negativity

Sage functions in several cultures as a healing agent and as a way to remove negative energies. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed sage embodied the attributes of long life, esteem, wisdom and good health.

Sage has been used to ward off negative energy for centuries.

Sage can be used on new constructions, apartments and existing homes to remove the negative energies from the structure and to promote peace and well-being. For best results, burn the sage so the smoke spreads throughout the areas needing cleansing.

  1. Fill the bottom of a metal or ceramic bowl one quarter full with sand.

  2. Tie a piece of twine or yarn around the bottom of the fresh sage bunch. This will keep the sage together and prevent the burning sage from getting out of control.

  3. Light the loose end of the sage with a match or lighter. Once the sage is burning, immediately blow out the flame to prevent the entire bunch from burning too quickly.

  4. Place the sage into the sand-filled bowl. This will ensure that the sage does not burn your hands if it reignites.

  5. Proceed to the back of the home, holding the bowl of sage high in the air. Beginning in one of the room’s corners, work your way clockwise around until the sage smoke has spread throughout the room. After you've walked around the room, take the bowl to the center of the room, hold it over your head and waft the smoke up toward the ceiling.

  6. Close the door of the room when you leave. This will allow the smoke to remain in the room and dissipate more slowly.

  7. Work your way to the front of the home, making sure to work clockwise through each room and closet. Include the bathrooms, kitchen and every bedroom.

  8. Walk out the front door of the apartment or house and shut the door. Hold the sage in front of the door and the frame.

  9. Cover the burning sage with more sand and allow it to sit until the bundle has completely extinguished, which could take several hours.


Make sure that the burning sage is completely out before emptying the contents of the bowl.

Avoid holding the bowl of sage directly in front of your face for extended periods of time to prevent inhaling excessive amounts of smoke.