How to Clean Pastel Chalk Off Clothes

Kimbry Parker

Chalk is ideal for letting kids get creative, or even for jotting down notes on your kitchen chalkboard. But sometimes it can be messy, too. Whether your kids decided to write on their clothes instead of the sidewalk, or you somehow brushed up against a chalkboard, pastel chalk stains don’t exactly go with the outfit.

Never rub the clothing to remove chalk stains or your risk spreading it.

Treat pastel chalk stains on clothing the right way so they doesn’t spread.


Sponge the chalk stains with rubbing alcohol for another stain removal method. Rinse the clothing and launder as usual.

  1. Shake out the fabric vigorously to remove the loose chalk.

  2. Wrap your hand with tape so the sticky side faces out. Any kind of sticky tape will do. Press the sticky tape onto the chalk spots to further remove it.

  3. Spray a laundry stain removal product onto any remaining chalk. Wash the clothing in the hottest water allowed by the care tag. Use the normal amount of detergent according to the load size, and add bleach that is safe for that specific fabric.

  4. Soak the clothing in a bucket with equal parts warm water and white vinegar if the chalk stains persist. Wait five to 10 minutes before taking out the clothing, rinsing and laundering again.