How to Remove Deodorant Stains From Polyester

Cynthia Measom

While you may be dismayed after discovering your deodorant has stained your polyester shirt, don't panic. It doesn't mean your favorite garment is no longer wearable. With the help of one or more common household products, you can likely eliminate the stains.


Pour white vinegar in a clean spray bottle and spray the underarm areas of the garment instead of applying with a cloth.


Never dry the garment in a clothes dryer to avoid setting in any stains remaining in the fabric. If you air dry the clothing, you will still have a chance to remove residual stains.

Pre-Wash Stain Treatment

  1. Spray a couple of sprays of pre-wash stain treatment underneath each arm of the polyester garment. Rub the spray into the deodorant stains with your fingers and wait one to five minutes to allow the treatment to penetrate the stain.

  2. Launder the garment as directed on the care label. For best results, wash in the warmest water the fabric will tolerate.

  3. Inspect the underarm areas of the polyester garment before drying. If stains still remain, repeat steps 1 and 2 before drying.

Using White Vinegar

  1. Pour 2 tbsps. of undiluted white vinegar into a small container. Dip a portion of a soft cloth into the vinegar. Squeeze the cloth gently to remove excess vinegar.

  2. Wipe deodorant-stained areas of the polyester with the cloth soaked in vinegar. Be sure to saturate the stains.

  3. Leave the vinegar on the stains for approximately five minutes. Launder as recommended on the care label in the warmest water the fabric will allow.

  4. Allow the garment to air dry. Inspect underarm areas after air drying to see if stains are still there. If so, use the pre-wash stain treatment.