How to Disassemble a Metal Shed

Owen E. Richason IV

Metal storage sheds are typically made of aluminum. In the past, these sheds were made of steel and/or tin. Aluminum has since largely replaced the other two metal materials because it does not easily rust and has a long lifespan. Metal sheds are generally set on a block or concrete foundation and have plywood floors.

The aluminum panels that make up the walls and roof are fastened to the frame with stainless steel screws. To disassemble a metal shed, you only need a couple of tools.

  1. Ask family members, neighbors or friends to help you disassemble your metal shed. You can do this project alone, but it will take considerably more time to complete.

  2. Pass out work gloves, screw guns and claw bars to the people helping you. These are the only tools you will need to disassemble your metal shed.

  3. Unfasten the screws holding the roof skirting in place with a screw gun.

  4. Place ladders around the metal shed to gain access to the top of the roof. Unfasten the screws in the roof panels with a screw gun, then pull the roof panels off, one by one, and stack them on the ground. Pry off the heads of any stubborn screws with a claw bar.

  5. Unfasten the screws in the outside of the wall panels with a screw gun. Once all the screws in a panel have been unfastened, pull it away from the frame. Use a claw bar to pop the heads off screws that are stripped or rusted and will not come out.

  6. Disassemble the frame from the plywood floor by unfastening the frame support posts with a screw gun. Once each support post comprising the frame is removed, you will only have a plywood floor with a wood frame remaining. You can leave this intact or disassemble it by removing the screws holding it together.