Shaping Fiberglass

Shaping fiberglass for different effects can be fun, but there are safety precautions to follow when creating with fiberglass. You can use fiberglass to build things such as a bow and arrows set, car fenders and a variety of other things. It takes some work, but shaping fiberglass can give you a way to build custom items.

  1. Start with a general idea of what you’d like to make. If you are designing from scratch, try drawing it out first. This will give you a sense of the type of molds you will need to create.

  2. Use wire. A desired shape can be molded with wiring. Old coat hangers as well as thick, tough wires can be used to shape the desired object.

  3. Cover the area to be molded with aluminum foil. Fiberglass can be laid over the foil and once it dries, foil can be easily peeled off. Temperature in work area also helps shorten drying time. The hotter the temperature is, the quicker resin will dry.

  4. Use Bondo as filler when you need it. There may be gaps in the fiberglass as molded and Bondo or a similar filler can smooth these over.

  5. Try using liquid fiberglass, too. It may be a little harder to work with at first, but it will give a smoother finish and have fewer gaps or imperfections.

  6. Make sure you wear goggles at all times and protect your hands with gloves. Wearing long sleeves in the process of working with fiberglass is also helpful. Make sure you spray your gloves with WD40 to avoid the fiberglass sticking to your gloves.

  7. Place the project in a well-vented area as you shape the effect you want manually. Shaping fiberglass takes time and patience as well as endurance. It is a learn-as-you-go project, so give yourself plenty of space and time to complete it.