The Average Cost of a 10 Piece Bedroom Suite


What 10 pieces typically constitute a 10-piece bedroom suite? The bed frame, which includes headboard, footboard and side rails in a traditional suite, or the platform bed in a contemporary suite, is the foremost piece. The mattress and foundation is considered a separate piece. A dresser, which comes single, double or triple is the third piece. The mirror that hangs over it is counted separately. A chest of drawers is number five and a nightstand for each side of the bed brings the count to seven. The other three pieces may include one or two chairs, a side table, a bench for the foot of the bed, a lingerie or jewelry chest, a media cabinet, dressing table and stool or armoire. Size, scale and personal preference will help you determine how many pieces in a suite you would want to incorporate in your bedroom.

Bedroom suite


The furniture you choose will serve several functions. The case goods store your clothes and other belongings. The end tables or cabinets provide a surface for lamps and any items you want close at hand while sitting in bed. The bed, of course, will provide your night's rest and maybe a venue for watching TV. Keep in mind how you use your bedroom and what particular storage needs you have when choosing your furniture.


The style possibilities are many including traditional, classic looks and contemporary design. The choices are endless---formal, casual, cabin, futuristic. Beds that require steps to get up on them, low platforms and every height in between are available. Woods, metals, laminates and acrylics add texture and design elements.


Perhaps you don't need or have room for 10 pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Decide which pieces will serve your needs best. A bed is at the fore, but what size will work for your space? You certainly need storage units. A dresser is typically a drawered piece about 34 inches high with a mirror over it. Chests of drawers can also be the same height but are typically higher (about 44 inches plus.) Armoires have doors that open to reveal drawers. Do you plan to watch TV in your bedroom? The new media cabinets fit in nicely with the more traditional pieces. You will probably want at least one nightstand or two if you are sharing the bed. Some are table styles; some are case styles with drawers.


Furniture quality depends on construction techniques and materials used. Solid hardwood remains the benchmark for excellence in traditional designs. Dovetailed joints, finger-jointed corners, mortise and tenon joints, and floating-top technique (to allow for normal expansion) are time-honored methods of building excellent wood furniture, all of which carries a hefty price. At the low end there is a lot of furniture on the market made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), an engineered wood. Research your furniture choice to get the best possible product for the money.


After pricing several bedroom suites of varying qualities and styles, the average cost for a seven-piece group is $4,200. Buying three additional pieces could raise the price to anywhere from $1,200 to $6,100 making the cost of a 10-piece bedroom suite $5,400 to $10,030.