Different Types of Water Tanks

Water tanks have been used for thousands of years to collect water for various purposes. In modern water systems, a tank can provide drinking water and irrigation water for people, plants and animals. Water tanks are also used by industrial facilities.


Water tank

A water tank is selected according to the function that it will serve inside or outside a building. There are two main types of water tanks, elevated tanks, which are designed to hold water above the ground, and other tanks designed to hold water in the ground.

Captive Air Tanks

A captive air tank houses water and air in separate containers. Air pressure in the air tank is used to pump water into a residence or building. The water is contained in a pressurized rubber bladder.

Steel Tanks

Older buildings may have large or small water tanks made out of steel. These tanks are subject to corrosion and may leak and cause water damage to buildings. Newer water systems use a combination of smaller tanks to provide the same water supply to buildings once provided by huge steel tanks.

Hot Water Tanks

When buildings need heated water for industrial work or human consumption, the water must be stored in hot water tanks. These are commonly made out of fiberglass or metal.

Underground Tanks

Underground water tanks are useful for vacation homes, campgrounds, construction sites and resorts, according to Chemtainer.com. These large water holding tanks are made from synthetic materials, including plastic and polyethylene.

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