Types of Pressing Equipment Used in the Garment Industry

Garment industry pressing equipment ranges from miniature ironing boards to specialized steam machinery for different types of clothing. Pressing equipment is also used in industries such as laundromats and small fabric shops.

Woman pressing new suit

Pre-Design Pressing

Pre-design garment pressing equipment prepares unpressed fabric through ironing before it is designed or cut. These machines are manually operated by pressing down on the fabric with a push bar that lowers the presser onto the fabric. Pre-garment pressers also are used to define stitching lines in a garment before it is cut or designed.

Collar and Lapel Pressing

Garment collar and lapel pressing equipment is ergonomically designed to press shirt collars, blouses, coats and jackets. The pressing board is curved so the collar or lapel of a garment fits snugly on the layout board of the pressing equipment. Many collar and lapel presses are hand operated.

Jacket Pressing

Jacket pressing equipment is engineered to the shape of the jacket, and is manually operated by a pressing bar. It is designed to press the inside and outside of the jacket, which includes the base fabric or lining inside of the jacket. Jacket pressing equipment can range from 51 inches on a flat surface to 72 inches for large coats and jackets.

Sleeve and Arm Pressing

Garment sleeve and arm pressing equipment is used to iron the sleeves of jackets and coats after the garment is manufactured or designed. Sleeve and arm pressers are engineered vertically or as flat-surface machines with the pressing boards shaped in the form of an arm. Depending on the type of fabric the jacket or coat is made of, there are different settings for each type of fabric. These include low, medium or high settings, which can be adjusted by a dial or switch.

Miniature Garment Pressing

Miniature garment pressing equipment is used to iron smaller fabrics after the manufacturing or design phase. These finishing garment pressing machines consist of hand-ironing devices attached to the pressing board for manual ironing. The ironing boards are flat surfaces shaped in a square or rectangle for easy ironing.