How Much Should Repairs to a Slate Roof Cost?

Slate shingles can come in different dimensions.

The Cost Can Be Worth It

Slate can withstand extreme weather.

The aesthetic appeal of a repaired slate roof can often outweigh the cost.  Slate roofs are known for exceptional durability and can increase the value of any building or home. Indeed, "a good slate roof," according to BobVillacom, can "easily last a hundred years or more". 

Slate is Expensive

Repairing a slate roof requires a skillful hand.

Slate, in and of itself, is an expensive material.  "Slate," according to BobVillacom, "with its need for skilled and experienced craftsmen, could cost up to $1,000 a square" In addition, because of the weight of slate, "if you want to roof with slate. you will need the framing to match". 

Bottom Line

The expense of a slate roof can cost more than a house.

On average, repairs to a slate roof will cost in the area of $60 per square.  More specifically, JenkinsSlatecom indicates that replacing just six to 12 tiles can cost around $42500. No matter how you slice it, slate is pricey.  An entirely new slate roof, according to CostHelpercom, "might cost $17,000 to $84,000" to install.

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