Treatments for Water Fountains

You have spent your hard earned money on a decorative fountain. You will want to keep it working efficiently and looking good. This can be done with a variety of available water treatments that deal with a number of specific water problems.

Anti-algae Treatment

This treatment is recommended for all fountains, indoor and out. Algae buildup can and normally does buildup in almost any fountain. Without treatment the fountain will become slimy and the pump will eventually become clogged.

Anti-white Scale Treatment

If you are not using distilled water in your fountain it is recommended to use this treatment. This treatment will help prevent pink, white or grey markings on your fountain as a result of the chemicals in the tap water.

Anti-foaming Agent

Depending on the size of your fountain foaming may be a problem. This is normally restricted to larger fountains but can be used on fountains of all sizes, both indoor and outdoor.

Pond Water Treatments

If your fountain is a part of a larger pond system you may want to consider a treatment intended for larger water capacities. Larger bodies of water often have stagnate areas which can lead to major problems if the water is not properly treated.

Scented Water Treatments

Intended primarily for indoor fountains, there are a variety of scents you can add to your water. While certainly not for everyone or every situation, these treatments can add a special flair to your fountain area.

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