Behr vs. Glidden Paints

Exclusive to Home Depot, Behr and Glidden both have hundreds of choices in color for indoor and outdoor paint. Both offer test samples, which customers can take home and use to paint swatches on walls. In addition, they both offer different types of paint such as flat, semi-gloss and satin finishes.


A gallon of Behr semi-gloss or satin enamel paint costs approximately $24 in 2009. A gallon of Glidden, on the other hand, costs approximately $20.64 for either semi-gloss or satin enamel.


Both Behr and Glidden offer sample paints to take home. An 8-oz. can of Behr paint costs approximately $6.95. The price also includes a roller, handle and tray. Glidden's sample comes in a small glass jar with the brush attached to the lid at a cost of $2.97 per jar.


Behr paint currently comes in nearly 3,800 colors. Glidden only offers 282 choices of paint colors.


Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a combination paint and primer. Painting should take less time since it will take fewer coats of paint to cover a surface. Glidden promises its new formula will cover most colors in one coat. Paint is stain resistant and holds up when scrubbed.


Behr offers a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) option in their Premium Plus Ultra line. Glidden does not specifically market a low-VOC paint, but the manufacturer, ICI Paints, claims all of its products are ultra low solvent.

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