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How to Remove Latex Paint From Skin

How to Remove Latex Paint From Skin. Latex paints usually contain a plastic resin made of acrylics or polyvinyls. These paints can completely cover a previously applied color, dry quickly and are often water soluble.

Since latex paints are water soluble, cleaning up brushes, dripped paint and skin covered in paint is quicker, safer and cheaper. There's rarely a need for toxic paint thinners and brush cleaners.

  1. Make sure the utility sink or an old bucket of water is ready for use immediately after painting, so you don't get latex paint where it shouldn't be. Be sure that soap is within easy reach too.

  2. Wet your hands as soon as you can after you've finished painting and cleaning the brushes. The sooner you wash up, the easier it will be to remove the latex paint from your skin.

  3. Heavily suds up your hands with a regular bar of soap or dish detergent. Sometimes powdered laundry detergent works well, since the granules offer extra scrubbing power.

  4. Scrub vigorously for several minutes.

  5. Rinse and repeat as Steps 1 to 4 as necessary. Use a scrub brush if it looks as though the latex paint isn't coming off of your skin.

  6. Tip

    If you rub a light layer of protective cream on your hands before you paint, it will be easier to remove latex paint from your hands with just soap and water when you're finished painting. If removing the latex paint from your skin is proving to be very difficult, soak the covered area (usually the hands and arms) in very hot water for about 5 minutes. Then scrub with rubbing alcohol.