What Is a Double Pole Breaker?

Double pole breakers are circuit breakers used to deliver power to 240-volt circuits while preventing electrical hazards. They are required for many household devices and appliances, and deliver twice the power of a single pole breaker.


Double pole breakers take power from two legs in an electrical panel, making the power that is drawn flow evenly and run efficiently.


A trip breaker handle on the double pole breaker activates at once if the breaker is overloaded to prevent electrocution. This handle can also be manually operated to turn the breaker off.


Double pole breakers are commonly used for appliances such as clothes dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, well pumps and more.


Check any appliance or device for specifications on what kind of circuit breaker is needed to make sure that a double pole breaker is the best choice.


Double pole breakers look like two single pole breakers stacked beside one another, with one switch in the center to control the power.

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