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What Is Dragon's Blood Incense Used For?

Mike Marcoe

Genuine dragon's blood incense contains the blood-thinning chemical cinnabar. Dragon's blood incense is used in Wiccan, neopagan witchcraft and hoodoo ceremonies for love spells, spell potency, sexual potency and other applications.


Dragon's blood incense is made with essential oils extracted from the resin of the dracaena draco, or dragon tree. Dragon trees are native to the Canary Islands and Sumatra. Traditionally, dragon's blood was used for ceremonies in China, India and ancient Rome.


There are many myths and legends surrounding the use of dragon's blood. The demand for dragon's blood incense in religious and spiritual ceremonies has caused the dragon's blood tree resin to rise in price. Genuine dragon's blood resin and essential oils for making incense is very expensive.


Dragon's blood has been known to be useful in varnishes and dyes.

Theories and Speculation

Theories abound about dragon's blood and its potency. One explanation claims dragon's blood is used to cleanse wounds and stop bleeding. Other people once claimed any reddish-colored resin was true "dragon's blood."


The chemicals in dragon's blood have also been said to be toxic to in vitro cells, and to cause thinning of blood, though these claims are contrary to theories and myth. Smoke inhalation is dangerous to anyone, and burning incense should be closely monitored to avoid fires.