How to Clean Syrup Off Suede or Leather

April Dowling

Syrup is made from the thick, sticky sap from maple trees that many people enjoy on their pancakes and waffles. Maple syrup can easily spill onto suede and leather items, causing a sticky mess. Since leather items are quite expensive, you will want to remove the syrup as promptly and safely as possible.

Syrup can easily leave a sticky mess on leather items

Despite the mess syrup can cause, it can be cleaned from leather easily with inexpensive materials you probably already have in your home.


Margarine can be used instead of peanut butter. Cornstarch can be used instead of cornmeal.


Do not use chunky peanut butter, as the nuts may cause dimpling in the leather.

  1. Use a spoon to scrape off as much syrup from the leather as you can. Use a butter knife to apply creamy peanut butter directly onto the syrupy area of the leather. The peanut butter will not damage the leather but will act as a conditioner.

  2. Rub the peanut butter into the syrup with your fingers and use a clean spoon to scoop the syrup off the leather. Once all of the syrup has been removed, wipe off all the peanut butter from the leather with a soft cloth.

  3. Mix mild liquid soap with lukewarm water in a bowl until suds form. Dip a sponge into the suds and gently rub the sponge onto the stained area. Dry the leather completely with a clean cloth.

  4. Sprinkle cornmeal onto the leather if grease stains have developed from the peanut butter. Allow the cornmeal to set for two hours to throughly absorb the oil from the leather. Then use a soft brush to brush off the cornmeal.