How to Get Stains Out of Leather

Mel Frank

Leather is a durable fabric that can become stained just like any other surface. To keep the leather looking its best, remove all residue and stains in a way that keeps the leather clean and free of damage.

Remove stains from leather with dish soap or leather soap.

Many harsh cleaning products and bleach products can discolor and deteriorate the leather, making it important to instead use mild products.

  1. Blot fresh stains with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not rub as you clean.

  2. Moisten the cleaning rag with cold water and five drops of dish soap or leather soap.

  3. Blot the soapy rag over any leftover residue, rubbing with the lie of the leather. This works well on most stains and will remove the residue quickly without damaging the leather.

  4. Sprinkle talcum powder over any greasy or oily residue that remains on the leather. Let the powder sit for 15 minutes, and scrub gently with a damp microfiber cleaning rag.

  5. Tip

    Only use a specialty suede cleaner for suede items. Use the same procedure, adding about five drops of the suede cleaner onto a damp rag and blotting over any stains.