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How to Clean Leather Interior With Baby Wipes

Mia Carter

A car's leather interior can get quite dirty over the course of time, but baby wipes are a quick and easy way to clean the leather. The chemicals used in baby wipes are very gentle since they're designed for sensitive baby skin, and you can keep the wipes inside the car for spot cleanings.

  1. Purchase a container of unscented, sensitive skin formula baby wipes. Sensitive skin baby wipes tend to work best, since they contain a minimal number of chemicals, making them gentle on the leather.

  2. Perform a spot test on a non-conspicuous area. Wipe the area with the baby wipe and wait for 24 hours. Check back to ensure that the leather has not been damaged. Generally, baby wipes do not contain alcohol or other chemicals that would harm the leather, but new formulations are always hitting the market so it's best to be cautious.

  3. Fold a baby wipe in half so it fits in your hand and wipe down the leather, moving in small circles.

  4. Wipe down a 6-inch square of leather and, while it's still moist, use a small, soft bristle brush (i.e. a nail scrub brush or toothbrush) to scrub the leather in a circular motion.

  5. Remove the dirt that was loosened by the brush by wiping the area with the wet wipe.

  6. Exchange the baby wipe for a new one after each section is cleaned.