How to Clean Leather With Ivory Soap

Bridie Cavanaugh

Leather is a natural material used as a component of many day-to-day items. Furniture, coats, pocketbooks and luggage are examples of items commonly made with leather. Leather is a durable material that will look beautiful for years if properly maintained. To clean stains, use a mild soap. such as Ivory.

Clean leather with Ivory soap.
  1. Dampen a clean sponge, or lint-free cloth, with water. Do not use hot water as this may damage the leather. The sponge should be damp and not wringing wet.

  2. Rub a bar of Ivory soap onto the damp sponge. A small amount of soap is enough to clean most stains.

  3. Use a circular motion and rub the sponge onto the stain.

  4. Dampen a clean sponge and use it to remove any trace of soap from the leather. Let the leather air dry.

  5. Tip

    Use a mixture of Ivory dish washing soap and water in place of the Ivory bar soap.


    Test the Ivory soap application on a hidden part of the leather prior to applying to the stain.