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How to Use Milk to Clean Leather

Elle Hanson

Whether it is your leather shoes, couch or handbag, milk can effectively remove scuffs and stains. Milk is an inexpensive and convenient way to clean all sorts of leather, and it will not remove any of the natural oils that give the material its natural sheen.

Milk can be an effective cleaning solvent on leather surfaces.

The key when using milk to clean leather is to use it sparingly, applying it only to stained areas. It is also important to wipe the material down afterward to avoid the smell of spoiled milk.

  1. Pour 1 or 2 cups of milk into a large bowl or cleaning bucket.

  2. Dip the cleaning rag into the milk until the entire rag is damp.

  3. Wring out the rag to remove all the excess milk.

  4. Hold the rag to the affected area for a few seconds, allowing the milk to penetrate the stain.

  5. Dab and rub at the stain in circular motions until it is totally gone.

  6. Fill the second bowl or bucket with water and submerge the clean rag until it is damp.

  7. Wring out the the excess water from the rag.

  8. Wipe off all the excess milk from the leather.

  9. Remove all excess moisture from the leather using the dry rag.

  10. Apply leather conditioner to the area that you cleaned.