What Are Pan Head Screws?

Pan head screws are a type of fastener that binds materials together or tightens the connection of two or more materials.


They feature a broad, flat head that allows them to be tightened. .

The top of a pan head screw is wider than any other screw head. This characteristic makes the screw resemble a frying pan.


Pan head screws feature a helical ridge known as a thread that is wrapped around a cylinder. This allows the screw to easily descend into the material it is fastening.


Pan head screws are different from pan head bolts in that they do not have to possess a bolt thread specification to accept a non-tapered nut.


Other types of screw heads include button, round, truss, flat and oval. These types are all more abbreviated and require more precise screwdriver work.

Directions for Use

To fasten a pan head screw, rest a screwdriver's end in the groove on top of the head and turn it clockwise. This will fasten the materials that are being joined or tightened.

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