Is Bamboo Flooring Scratch Resistant?

Bamboo flooring has been gaining popularity recently due to aesthetics and durability.

Basic Processing of Bamboo

Some particular brands of bamboo floors have twice the strength and endurance than any other flooring option available.

Most bamboo used for flooring is filleted, kiln-dried and then boiled. These processes are what make the bamboo dense enough for floors and keep out termites and other insects.

Different Options

There are three main choices for bamboo flooring. Two are basic styles which pertain to how you prefer the flooring to be laid. The third choice is called "strand-woven," and this option has more to do with durability and scratch resistance.

Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring

Strand-woven bamboo flooring is produced from excess after filleting the stalks. The extra strands are woven together and compressed with resin into a new kind of timber that is naturally resistant to moisture, UV light and scratches.

Treating For Extra Durability

Since the strand-woven flooring is already so strong, it doesn't need as much treating as the other kinds. All types are coated anyway, though, to deter any possible damage.

What Bamboo Flooring Is Coated With

Aluminum oxide, a hard ceramic, is the typical coating floor manufacturers use to protect their product. It is a good choice for bamboo flooring and allows for an environmentally friendly option to a laminate flooring.

So Is Bamboo Flooring Scratch Resistant?

If you do your research and buy good quality flooring from a reputable company, you are going to end up with a strong, durable floor that should withstand even the most rambunctious dogs or furniture being dragged across the floor.

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