Pros & Cons to Metal Roofing

Over the years metal roofing has become a much more popular option, as it has evolved tremendously. Due to its durability and versatility, metal roofing can even be made to resemble other roof styles, such as shingles or shakes.


Metal roofs are very durable, are resistant to fires and do not require constant maintenance. They are usually constructed from aluminum or steel, which are both very resistant to damage.


Metal roofs can be loud during big storms, especially if they include hail, unless enough insulation is present to offset the noise.


Installation of metal roofing is very quick, as the steel or aluminum used to create it is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.


Metal roofs reflect heat, thus stopping it from transferring to the top of the inside of the home. This helps reduce energy bills and aids the environment.


Upon purchase, metal roofs are pricier than most roofs made of other materials. Their longevity, however, makes them a good value over time.