Bamboo Floors & Termites

If you live in a termite-prone area, you can stop termites from eating your wood floors and save money on new flooring by switching from hardwood to bamboo. You can find bamboo flooring in a range of colors and unfinished or urethane-finished.


Bamboo floors are eco-friendly.

Bamboo flooring is considered eco-friendly because the fast-growing bamboo canes take three to four years to grow. Bamboo flooring is available as laminated strips or as planks.


Bamboo flooring is treated during the manufacturing process with a chemical that makes it unattractive to both termites and ants.


During manufacturing, bamboo wood is boiled to remove sugars and starches and then kiln dried to remove the moisture. Termites do not harm bamboo floors because these natural sugars and starches are gone.


The manufacturing process also makes bamboo slip-proof and fire resistant. Bamboo flooring will not warp in heat or humidity.


Demesne recommends sweeping your bamboo floor and mopping lightly. To refinish your floor, use a de-glosser followed by a urethane finish.

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