Does Fir Make Good Firewood?

Fir trees are found throughout most of the United States. These specimens are suitable choices for firewood and are typically easy to cut and split as well.


Fir trees can be an excellent source of firewood.

Fir is considered an easy wood to burn. It also emits a high level of heat when compared to varieties such as box elder, cottonwood and yellow poplar. Best results are achieved when the wood has had at least a full year to season or dry out.


Wood from fir trees typically has fewer sparks than varieties such as hemlock or western red cedar. This can mean there is less danger of a fire starting after a spark has been projected.


Fir produces a heavy amount of smoke. Even so, it does not produce an excessive amount of creosote. This is because it is a softwood variety and these tend to produce less creosote as opposed to hardwood varieties.


Fir is generally less expensive to purchase than oak firewood. Despite this, oak can be more economical because it weighs more and is denser, which means a cord of oak can actually contain more wood than a cord of fir.

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