My Floor Drain Smells

A bad smell coming from your floor drain is more than a stinky inconvenience; it is also a warning that dangerous sewer gas is entering your home.


Sewer gas can vent back up through a floor drain.Sewer gas can vent back up through a floor drain.

If your floor drain smells, then the trap in the pipe beneath it has dried out. The trap is usually filled with water, which blocks sewer gas from venting back up through the pipe and into your home through the drain, according to the University of Minnesota.


You can stop the foul odor of sewer gas from coming up through your floor drain by pouring water into it to fill the trap. Make adding water to the trap a part of your regular home-maintenance routine so that the smell does not come back.


Sewer gas does not just smell bad; it is also a health hazard. Exposure to it can cause health problems such as eye irritation, respiratory issues and headaches. Methane and hydrogen sulfide, two components of sewer gas, are flammable and can even explode, putting your home and family in danger, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.