What Is a Suction Pump?

Suction pumps raise liquid levels by means of suction generated by a piston moving through a cylinder. People use suction pumps to regulate fluid movement when working with liquids. Suction pumps are used to keep liquids from overflowing in containers, causing damage.


The first suction pump may have been invented by the Egyptian engineer Ctesibius in the 3rd century B.C. Suction pumps were in use during the time of the Romans, and diagrams exist showing an early European pump model from the 15th century.


Suction pumps work by pumping air away from an enclosed area, creating a partial vacuum. As the air withdraws from the area, the vacuum forces the liquid to rise into the area where the pump is working, transferring it from one area and into another.


Suction pumps have a number of purposes and applications. Pumps work in the medical field to remove blood or fluids that are damaging the body. Other areas include sucking water out of containers,

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