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The Ingredients in Stainless Steel Magic

John DeMerceau

Stainless Steel Magic is a metal cleaner and polish for household use. According to its manufacturer, Magic American, Inc., it is effective for cleaning and polishing aluminum and chrome surfaces as well as stainless steel surfaces. It is available in aerosol, trigger spray and single-use wipe form, and each of the products has a different chemical composition.

Active Ingredients of Aerosol

Stainless Steel Magic is used for cleaning and polishing stainless steel appliances.

The main active ingredients in aerosol Stainless Steel Magic are petroleum distillates, namely heavy aliphatic solvent, or naphtha, and paraffinic mineral oil, or liquid paraffin. The heavy aliphatic solvent is the main cleaning agent, whereas the liquid paraffin acts as a polish and protective coating.

Aerosol Propellants

The aerosol version of Stainless Steel Magic contains propane and butane as the aerosol propellants. These propellant gases, as well as the petroleum-based ingredients of this aerosol spray, are highly flammable. Therefore, this products should be used in a well-ventilated area to avoid the detrimental health effects of inhaling petroleum solvents.

Ingredients of Trigger Spray

The trigger spray version of Stainless Steel Magic is based on mineral oil as a polish and protective coating. The primary cleaning agent included in this formula is tripropylene glycol methyl ether. This chemical is a biodegradable solvent made by combining methanol, an alcohol, with propylene oxide, a petroleum derivative used in plastics manufacturing. The trigger spray formula also contains an herbal fragrance. This product is highly flammable.

Ingredients of Wipes

The Stainless Steel Magic wipes consist of fabric wipes impregnated with a moist cleaning solution. This solution is based on alkyl and aryl hydrocarbons, which are derived from petroleum and clean as well as polish. Alkyl and aryl hydrocarbons are also used as lubricants and in the production of detergents. It is recommended to wear gloves when using these wipes, as the active ingredients may cause skin irritation.