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What Are the Ingredients in Carpet Cleaners?

Table of Contents

There are a variety of ingredients in carpet cleaners, depending on what is used and the strength of the ingredients. Mild carpet cleaners generally only contain water, fragrance, citrus juices and peroxide.

Stronger cleaners, such as maintenance cleaners, contain hydroxyacetic acid, butoxyethanol, monohexyl ether, alcohol, bleaches and enzymes.

Types of Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning products such as Carpet Fresh contain mild ingredients, such as water, fragrance and citrus, that can be safely used on a daily basis. Maintenance cleaners may contain stronger ingredients such as bleach and enzymes.

Hazardous Ingredients

Maintenance cleaners contain hydroxyacetic acid and butoxyethanol. These products are toxic when they come in contact with skin or are inhaled.


There are products such as Woolite Carpet cleaner that are mild and have a very simple list of ingredients, including water, surfactants, fragrance and peroxide. Other carpet cleaners contain isobutane, monohexyl ether, alcohol, bleaches and enzymes.


It is important to read labels and be cautious when using carpet cleaners. Some require using gloves and masks in well-ventilated rooms.


When dealing with carpet, the less amount of dirt and stains that get into the carpet, the easier it will be to clean the carpet.