What Paint Is Suitable for Plastic?

If you plan to paint over a plastic material, it's important to choose a suitable type of paint. Fortunately there are many choices on the market today for a variety of materials, including plastic. If the item is a smaller product, the Behr Ultra is an excellent choice. However, you might find it easier to use spray paint if the item you are painting is a larger, more complex item such as furniture.

Behr Ultra Paint

Choose a paint suitable for the material you are painting on.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint includes a paint and primer in one. This paint offers great coverage in addition to protection from severe weather; this is important if the plastic material you are painting is for outdoor use. Not only is Behr Ultra suitable for use on plastic materials, it also comes in a wide variety of colors.

Krylon Spray Paint

Krylon offers a spray paint product suitable for use on plastic; the Krylon Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint bonds easily to most plastics, does not require a primer, and comes in many different colors.

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum offers another spray paint product that is suitable for use on plastics. Rust-Oleum is long-lasting and can be used for indoor or outdoor use, however this item offers a smaller variety of color choices.

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