Latex Asphalt Sealer vs. Gilsonite

Over time, your driveway may become damaged due to sunlight exposure and inclement weather.

Latex Asphault Sealer

In particular, sunlight may cause the driveway's asphalt to break down. You can protect your driveway's health by applying an asphalt sealer, such as a latex-based sealer, or Gilsonite, which is oil-based.

Latex asphalt sealers are water-based products used to protect your driveway from natural elements and improve its appearance. Latex sealers are a money-saving alternative to other sealers, such as oil-based products. As a water-based product, latex sealer is easy to clean up and has a low volatile organic compound, or VOC.


Gilsonite is used both as a protective ingredient in asphalt sealers and as a "performance-enhancing agent" in asphalt mixes, according to American Gilsonite. Unlike latex sealers, Gilsonite is an oil-based method that protects your driveway against natural elements. Gilsonite incorporates solvents and resins, which not only protect your driveway against future damage but also restore it.


Absolute Asphalt contends that Gilsonite is superior to latex-based alternatives, because oil is more beneficial than water in protecting asphalt. Absolute Asphalt also argues that latex sealers may "cause more damage than good," because they suffocate the asphalt, which prohibits it from expanding and contracting. The inability to expand and contract may result in further cracking and damage.

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