How to Install ChoiceDek

ChoiceDek specializes in outdoor decking products. Essentially different from most outdoor deck accessories, ChoiceDek boards are made from composite materials that are both wood and plastic with a wood-textured exterior comparable to natural, authentic wood. This type of boarding requires a specified method of installation.

Step 1

Lay the boards out in the position you want them installed. The boards should be placed parallel, two points apart.

Step 2

Space each board 1/4 inch a part. This allows for proper water drainage along with wood swelling and expansion due to climate changes.

Step 3

Place each 2-1/4 #7 trim-head screws into the proper bolts and fasten them.

Step 4

Adjust the depth of the carbide-tipped saw's blade to the thickness of the boards.

Step 5

Mark the carbide-tipped saw's cut with a piece of white chalk.

Step 6

Scrape the edges of the positioned deck boards.


  • Installing ChoiceDek boards isn't the easiest task to complete. Although this type of construction job can be done without the help of a professional, you may need help. Seek the help of a professional to ensure everything is installed properly.

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