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How to Turn Off an Oil Furnace Tank

Kenneth Crawford

If you need to repair your furnace or the lines between the furnace and the oil tank, you will need to turn off the flow of oil in order to do the repair. Turning off an oil furnace tank involves shutting down the oil furnace. You may also consider shutting down the oil furnace for the spring and summer; however, in this case, contact a service provider for your furnace to ensure the unit is capable of being shut down for extended periods. Although oil tanks are produced by a number of different manufacturers, the general process of turning off the tank is similar for most of them.

Step 1

Turn the thermostat down to its lowest setting. Wait for the oil furnace to cut off if it is currently burning. This allows the burners to extinguish leaving only the pilot burning.

Step 2

Go to the oil furnace and flip the power switch to the "Off" position. The power switch is either on the front or side of the unit.

Step 3

Find the shut-off valve to the pilot light near the bottom of the unit. There is an oil feed line going to the unit with a rotary handle. Turn the rotary handle clockwise to shut off the oil supply to the oil furnace. This will extinguish the pilot light.

Step 4

Turn the main shut-off valve at the oil tank, if the furnace will be shut off for an extended period of time. If you have an above ground oil tank, the shut-off valve is on the line coming from the side of the tank at the bottom. Below-ground tanks have the shut-off valve at the top of the tank. Rotate the valve clockwise to shut off the oil supply.