How to Build a Roof for an 8x8 Shed

An outdoor storage shed might be just what you need in your backyard. With a new storage shed, you can store lawn and garden equipment, tools, holiday decorations, your children's old toys or anything else that you have in your garage or attic. However, the storage shed in your backyard is only as useful as the room is safe from the weather. With the first rain, everything in an 8-by-8 foot could potentially be ruined without a strong, stable roofing system.

You need to build a stable roof for your shed.

Step 1

Measure the pitch of the roof. Even though the shed is 8-by-8, the length of the roof boards will depend on the angle of the roof. Measure from the peak to about 2 inches past the edge and assume you will need enough tongue-and-groove boards to cover both sides of the roof.

Step 2

Cut the tongue-and-groove boards to the length you measured in Step 1. Use a circular saw for making these simple cuts.

Step 3

Cut one end of each of the roof boards at a 45 degree angle, using a miter saw. The angles for the boards on each side of the roof should be cut opposite each other so they will fit together at the roof's peak.

Step 4

Calculate using the width of the boards to determine whether you will need to make any cuts lengthwise.

Step 5

Nail down the first board on one side of the shed roof using finish nails. The groove side should be facing the outside of the shed, and the 45 degree angle you cut should be at the top so that it can fit together with a board on the opposite side.

Step 6

Tilt the next board in place. The groove of the second board will fit along the tongue of the first board. For added reinforcement, apply a bead of wood glue before attaching.

Step 7

Secure the second board to the shed frame with finish nails on either end.

Step 8

Continue installing the tongue-and-groove boards along the shed frame using wood glue and finish nails until you reach the end of the first side. If you have to cut the last board lengthwise, install it last.

Step 9

Install the boards on the opposite side of the roof using the same methods as the first side. Add wood glue to the ends of the 45 degree cuts for added reinforcement.

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