How to Get Liquid Propane from a 500-Gallon Propane Tank

Kelvin Hayes

Propane tanks have several valves and couplers on their exterior surface that facilitate refilling, withdrawing, gas and liquid level gauges and safety features, like the blow-off relief valve that expels excess propane when the tank becomes over-pressurized. The liquid withdrawal valve allows an operator to remove liquid propane from a tank without converting the propane into a vapor, keeping the propane consolidated and allowing more of it to be removed from the 500-gallon tank.

The withdrawal valves remove liquid without turning the propane into a gas.

Step 1

Place the secondary coupler over the top of the tank-mounted withdrawal valve and twist clockwise to join the two valves.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the hose to a transfer tank. Transfer tanks are small cylinders that may be used in forklifts, gas grills or other propane-powered appliances.

Step 3

Turn the hose valve parallel to the hose to begin drawing liquid propane from the large tank into the transfer tank. Turn the valve perpendicular to the hose to stop the flow.