Operating Instructions for Century 125GL MIG Welders

Metal inert gas or MIG welding is one of the most popular types of welding due to the cost effectiveness of the welder and the ease of use for beginners.
The Century 125GL MIG welder is an example of an entry-level style that focuses on getting the job done and not on excessive frills. Even when welding for the first time, you will find that operating instructions are not complicated.

Step 1

Attach the grounding wire to a grounded metal surface. The grounding wire has a clamp similar to those on automotive jumper cables.

Step 2

Check the valve on the welder for the shielding (inert) gas and turn it on. Plug the MIG welder into an electrical power source and turn the unit on. The MIG welder is ready for use.

Step 3

Adjust the welder’s speed and the welder’s heat temperature to a middle setting. The hotter the temperature, the faster you must feed the wire into the joint. If you move the welder tip too slowly, it could burn though the metal completely. If you move the tip too fast at a lower temperature, the weld will be shallow and will not penetrate the joint.

Step 4

Pull on the welder's helmet and gloves. Press the tip of the welder against the metal and slowly move it in a straight line over the surface. The welding wire will automatically feed out of the tip of the welder and deposit onto the metal surface.

Step 5

Inspect the welded joint. The weld should penetrate the joint. If it does not, turn up the temperature slightly. If you see excessive burn marks, turn down the temperature slightly. Repeat this step until you have a solid joint with little burning.

Step 6

Grind the surface of the joint with the edge of an angle grinder to clean the excess weld off the metal. You want to flatten the welded joint so the weld is even with the surface of the metal. Do not grind the weld down below the surface of the metal as it will weaken the joint.

Things You Will Need

  • Welders helmet
  • Leather work gloves


  • Do not attempt to complete your first welds on a product you intend to use. Practice on a few pieces of scrap metal. Do not move on to important pieces until you have a feel for welding.


  • Wear protective leather gloves, long sleeve shirts and a welder’s helmet when you MIG weld. The helmet will protect your eyes from the extremely bright light of the welder. The gloves and shirt will protect you from the heat of the welder.

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