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How to Repair a Coleman Crawdad Plastic Boat

Amanda Flanigan

When a crack or hole develops in your Coleman crawdad plastic boat, it will turn the boat un-seaworthy. Not repairing the damage in a timely manner can cause the crack or hole to become larger, leaving you with a bigger problem.

Hitting a rock or other debris in the water can damage the plastic boat.

Using a path kit that contains glues is only a temporary fix that will not withstand several uses. Instead, choose a plastic boat repair kit that contains a KC welder and filler rod to permanently repair the damage to the Coleman crawdad plastic boat.

  1. Clean the area around the damage with soapy water to remove debris. Rinse the soap off the boat. Alternatively, use plastic cleaner instead of soapy water. Align any plastic that is bent down or up around the hole or crack.

  2. Cut a piece of wire mesh large enough to cover the crack. The mesh should extended about an inch from each side. Lay the wire mesh over the crack.

  3. Let the KC welder heat for several seconds. Start at the edge of the wire mesh and place the hot KC welder directly on the wire mesh. Move the welder over the entire mesh pressing it into the crack. The wire mesh will help reinforce the repair.

  4. Hold the hot KC welder against one end of the filler rod for several seconds until the rod begins to melt. Place the melted filler rod against the edge of the wire mesh so the rod becomes stuck on the surface.

  5. Move the KC welder down from the end of the filler rod stuck to the surface. Use the welder to cut off the piece stuck to the surface.

  6. Melt the filler rod stuck to the surface and spread it around the mesh with the welder. Apply light pressure to the KC welder while spreading it across the filler rod. This will push the melted filler rod through the mesh.

  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you have covered the entire wire mesh with melted plastic. Let the plastic boat dry.