How to Do Concealed Wiring

Wires hanging down the wall behind your flat screen television or other electronic devices are not only an eyesore, they are also potentially dangerous to children and pets. Concealing your wires underneath the floor or in a wire track are simple and effective ways to hide them from plain view and keep your family safe. There are many ways to conceal wires, though some involve more work than others. Choose a method that best matches your home improvement capabilities.

Conceal wires for security, safety or decorative purposes.

Step 1

Drill a hole in the wall directly behind the electrical object. Plug one end of the wire into the appropriate socket. Insert the other end of the wire in the hold. Run the wire behind the wall, then drill another hole to feed the other end of the wire back into the room. Running wires through the wall is an effective way to conceal wires because they are completely hidden inside a wall cavity. This method is mostly used to run wires between two objects such as a speaker system. However, this requires a great deal of construction and electrical knowledge.

Step 2

Run a flat wire from the electrical device and lay it on the surface of the walls, ceilings or floors. Flat wire is a common way people conceal wiring because it can be painted over, covered with carpet or even covered by wallpaper.

Step 3

Run the wires up through suspended ceiling tiles to conceal them. If you have a security camera, corner mounted television or other object that is mounted near the ceiling, you can conceal the wires in a suspended ceiling tile. This is relatively easy to do because you can simply lift the tiles up and run them through the ceiling.

Step 4

Install a wire track onto the surface of the walls to run the wires in. This is one of the easiest methods of running wires in a room because it doesn’t involve any electrical or construction knowledge. Wire track is a plastic system that allows multiple wires to be concealed inside the track system.

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