How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits in Hot Water Heaters

A number of deposits accumulate naturally inside water heaters, including iron and calcium. Calcium deposits are carried into the tank with the incoming cold water. These deposits collect in the bottom of the tank and will gradually reduce the efficiency of the unit. To prevent this, water heaters are fitted with a flushing valve located on the side of the bottom of the heater. The valve accommodates a garden hose, which you can use to quickly evacuate the deposits.

Flush the hot water tank annually as part of regular maintenance.

Step 1

Thread the female tip of a garden hose onto the flushing valve.

Step 2

Position the opposite end of the hose in an area suitable for draining, such as a floor drain.

Step 3

Turn the handle on top of the flushing valve counterclockwise to open the valve. Allow several gallons of water to drain out of the tank, or until the water runs clear.

Step 4

Close the flushing valve by turning its handle clockwise. Disconnect the garden hose.