How to Hang Wall Groupings of Four Pictures

A single piece of large-scale art can be pricey and out of reach for some budgets. Cover the same amount of wall space, and achieve the same visual impact, at a fraction of the cost by hanging a grouping of four pictures instead. Attempting to hang multiple pieces of art together can often end in frustration and many extra holes in the wall. With a little planning, you can ensure that your wall will have no more than the four holes it needs for this project.

Hang a grouping of pictures accurately and with ease.

Step 1

Lay out all four pictures in a two-by-two grid on your work surface. For now, leave a few inches between each picture.

Step 2

Cut a section of builders paper big enough to cover all four pictures by at least few inches on all sides. You may have to tape together two pieces of paper.

Step 3

Lay the piece of builders paper flat on your work surface. Arrange the four pictures on top of the paper in the same formation they will be in when hung on the wall. Use the level and ruler to make sure they are even and straight. The space between each picture should be equal to the width of the frame.

Step 4

Holding the first picture in place, trace an outline of it onto the builders paper with a pencil. Repeat for the other three pictures.

Step 5

Measure the location of the hanging hardware on the back of each picture and transfer this onto the appropriate outline on the builders paper.

Step 6

Hang the builders paper on the wall where the pictures will be hung. Use the level to make sure it is straight. Tape all four corners to the wall once you are satisfied with the placement.

Step 7

Insert screws or picture hooks into the wall for each picture at the locations you previously marked on the builders paper.

Step 8

Tear the builders paper away from the wall.

Step 9

Hang the pictures on the screws or picture hooks. Use the level to double-check that each picture is straight.

About the Author

Sarah Bradburn is an interior designer and writer living in Phoenix. She holds an associate degree in interior design and owns an interior design business. Bradburn has worked in high-end residential design, as well as model-home merchandising.