How to Fix a Dragging Door Corner

Old age, poor installation and humidity all play a factor in a door's ability to open and close naturally. If any factor is not perfect, the door will settle and drag across the floor. Not only is a dragging door annoying, it can permanently damage the flooring installed under the door. Luckily, using the correct method of removing door sag will avoid the need to install a new door in the wall.

Adjust your door hinge to fix a dragging door corner.

Step 1

Open the door.

Step 2

Tighten all the screws holding the top door hinge to the door frame by turning them clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Reopen the door if it still drags on the floor.

Step 4

Remove two of the top hinge screws by turning them counterclockwise with the Phillips screwdriver. Run one 3-inch wood screw through both open hinge holes. Close the door. Tap the hinge lightly away from the door with a hammer if the bottom of the door drags across the flooring.

Step 5

Open the door if the door still drags across the floor. Stack cardboard under the door until the upper hinge does not hold weight.

Step 6

Remove all screws from the top hinge with the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the hinge from the door and door frame.

Step 7

Cut 1/16-inch of wood from the hinge recess by placing the beveled side of a wood chisel flat against the door frame. Tap the back of the chisel with a hammer. Ensure all material is removed from the recess. Reinstall the hinge. Close the non-dragging door.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 3-inch wood screws
  • Screw gun
  • Hammer
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Wood chisel

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