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How to Reduce Wall Cabinet Depth in Carpentry

Jared Curtis

If your wall cabinets are too deep, you can cut them down to reduce the depth. You will be able to mount your cabinets to the wall without them taking up so much room. Oftentimes, cabinets become so cluttered in the rear, it is difficult to reach items. By reducing the depth of your wall cabinets, you will be able to reach items. This will keep your cabinets more organized and user friendly.

You can reduce the depth of your wall cabinets by cutting them down.
  1. Measure the amount you would like to cut off the wall cabinets from the back of the cabinet and mark it with a pencil.

  2. Draw a line around the entire cabinet using a straight-edge and a pencil.

  3. Cut the back of the cabinet off using a circular saw. Cut slowly to avoid jagged and rough cuts.

  4. Remove the sides from the back that was previously cut.

  5. Place the back onto the cabinet. Attach it to the cabinet with 1 1/4-inch grabber screws and a power drill.