How to Grow and Develop Protists

Protists, also referred to as protozoans, are one-celled organisms with a nucleus and complex cell organelles. The diverse Protista kingdom includes pseudopodia, which move by stretching out a footlike structure; flagellates, which move with whip action; ciliates, which use short hairs to move; and sporozoans, which don’t move at all. Protists live in moist locations such as wet soil or bodies of water. You can culture protozoa from most natural environments and feed them bacteria to make them grow and develop.

Capture a protist culture from a local pond.

Step 1

Fill a small glass jar with water from a pond, lake or stream.

Step 2

Add a clump of soil from near or in the water source to the jar.

Step 3

Place a boiled rice grain in the water to grow bacteria for protists to eat. After a week, protists will begin to grow out of the soil.

Step 4

Take a drop of water from near the soil at the bottom of the jar. Place the drop onto a microscope slide.

Step 5

Examine the slide under a microscope to see the protists in detail.

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